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The Nordic Aviation Engineering Centre is a qualified polytechnic that trains aviation technicians with helicopter specialisation. Following European aviation regulations, we provide our students with a foundation for an exciting future in the international aviation industry. Our specialist training facilities are located just 10 minutes from Luleå city centre, next to Luleå Airport and Norrbotten’s Air Fleet (F21) the home of 1 of Sweden’s helicopter squadrons.

The programme/education follows polytechnic regulations as well as the European aviation regulations according to EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), which means that after successful ly completing completion, you’ll have the right to work throughout Europe.

We collaborate with a number of different airlines across the country where our students receive elements of their practical training. Through collaboration with other  educations in Sweden there is the opportunity to take your aviation examination. Great emphasis is also placed on qualified training for staff as well as international contacts and exchanges.

Nordiskt Flygteknikcentrum AB is 100 percent owned by Luleå Kommunföretag AB. The board consists of Sirpa Jakobsson (S) chairman, Nihad Zara (M), Kaj Hedstig (S), Gunnel Mörtlund (V) and Andreas Wallgren (Sjvp).

Contact: Nordic Aviation Technology Center 

Luftfartsvägen 11
972 54 Luleå
Opening hours kl 08-17
Email: info@nftc.se


Our instructors

The school has an excellent reputation amongst students and companies not least as a result of our  instructors. They have a breadth of experience from various assignments in the aviation industry alongside a commitment to provide our students with a solid foundation to be able to follow a career within the aviation industry.

Jonas Palo - CEO

Carl Hjorth - Instructor

Sebastian Bäckmann - Instructor

Anders Dahlborg - Instructor

Joel Forsberg - Instructor

Jonas Morén - Instructor

Mikko Koskinen - Instructor

Torbjörn Niemi - CEO


Luftfartsvägen 11, 972 54 Luleå
Telephone: +46 920-23 21 64

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