Work as a flight technican

There is a great demand for flight technicians both in Sweden and abroad and there are great opportunities for an exciting career once you qualify. You can, for example, work in civil aviation and helicopter companies, the air force, the aviation industry or independent aviation engineering workshops.

Tasks may vary depending on the workplace. You can work with maintenance, inspections, repairs of aircraft, helicopters and aircraft engines, but also with new production of aircraft and engines. As our programme has a good reputation in the industry, students won’t find it difficult to find interesting jobs .  Salary progression for aviation technicians is often very good.

As an aviation technician there is both practical and theoretical work, which means that you must enjoy using a screwdriver as much as immersing yourself in (English) training materials and manuals. 

There is a great demand for accuracy as it’s ultimately about safety. In terms of how you will work, this is both independent and collaborative. Some large employers include SAAB, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Maritime Administration.


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